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    Table 7 - A Plays In Cafes Creation


    The Toronto Fringe Festival

    July 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13

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    to all our fantastic donors

    We raised over 3K in June!

    Shadowpath is a registered charitable organization




    Transforming Everyday Places Into Creative Spaces



    'When everyone benefits, a whole community wins.'

    'When I started Shadowpath in 2002, I had no idea of its potential. I approached everyday spaces because I couldn't afford to rent the few regional theatres. That turned out to be the best thing for Shadowpath and now everyday spaces are our signature style of theatre producing. Businesses gain a creative boost and access to new customers, performers get a professional opportunity to work in alternative spaces, the community gets more arts and culture programming and Shadowpath gets connected to community partners and free space! Now that's winning! -Alex Karolyi


    Shadowpath Theatre Productions

    A not-for-profit charitable organization, shadowing playwrights by remounting their plays, and building new artistic paths for the creative citizen in all of us to emerge.


    To educate the public’s understanding and appreciation of Canadian theatre by:​

    1. Presenting dramatic performances

    2. Providing workshops for the benefit of the public
    on such topics as Canadian plays, new works and performance.


    To be leaders in innovative, location-driven theatre 

    in York Region.

    Strategic Plan

    The Future Path: 1 - 3 years

    1 New site-specific play development in new venues
    2. Programming for specific demographics, i.e.: women & northern communities
    3. Training & Mentorship for female artists
    4. Securing space for a multi-use artist hub in York Region
    5. Develop advocacy initiatives, i.e: pregnant artists/new mothers




    1 Code of Conduct
    2. Copyright
    3. Equity
    4. Conflict of Interest
    5. Pregnant Artists

    6. Anti-Harassment




  • Our Team

    We've got a top notch team!




    Board & Apprentices

    Left to Right: Apprentices - Mandy Roveda, Alene Degian, Artistic Director - Alex Karolyi, Board Members - Georgia Fullerton, Joanna Grace, Jacquie Lazar, Dexter Chew, Apprentices - Tea Nguyen, Maissa Bessada

    Absent: Board Members - Michael Shuster, Opal Rowe,

    Apprentice - Chantal Forde





    Jacquie Lazar, Chair


    Dexter Chew, Board Member


    Joanna Grace, Secretary


    Michael Shuster, Board Member


    Georgia Fullerton, Board Member


    Opal Rowe, Board Member

  • Innovate This!

    We are so Honoured!

    2016 Richmond Hill's

    Creativity Connected Awards

    Best Creative Innovation


    Mayor David Barrow, Shadowpath's Artistic Director Alex Karolyi and apprentice Deanna Galati


    Newmarket Chamber of Commerce

    Business Excellence Award for Innovation


    The FemmeOperative is Shadowpath's newest initiative featuring female creative leaders in an interview-style format. The FemmeOperative is an opportunity to gain insight, be inspired, connect, share ideas, clarify next steps and add practical wellness tips to maintain energy and focus for all your artistic pursuits!

    The FemmeOperative features female decision makers and encourages ALL to attend; young/old, male/female, artist/arts appreciators...



    April 28th, 2018 @ Thatz Showbiz Studio, Thornhill

    Featuring: Artistic Director, Lua Shayenne from Lua Shayenne Dance Company

    Artistic Director, Sarah Magni from Thatz Showbiz


    May 7th, 2017 @ Yoga Source Studio, Newmarket 

    Sponsored by Align Health Centre

    Featuring: Newmarket’s Supervisor of Cultural Services, Laura Schembri

    Cultural Facility & Programming Coordinator of the Lebovic Centre for Entertainment, Ashley Chappell


    January 25th, 2017 @ Lake Wilcox Brewery, Vaughan

    Featuring: Theatre Coordinator & Technical Director of St.Andrew's College,

    Jacquie Lazar

    Conductor & Artistic Director of the Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra, Jessica V Kun


    November 30th, 2016 @ Bonsai Hill Cafe, Aurora

    Featuring: Executive Director of the York Region Arts Council, Samantha Wainberg

    Academy Director of Ovation! Performing Arts Academy, Bonnie Craig


  • FEMME 5

    2018-19 APPRENTICES

    Thanks to a Grow grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Shadowpath is expanding our creative team with fifteen female apprentices from 2016 - 2019. These apprentices will develop skills in creation, producing, arts admin and artistic direction and help to increase Shadowpath's community programming. Applications are received in the summer and apprentices begin in September.

  • Meet the Apprentices

    2018-19 - FEMME5

    Alene Degian

    Actor, Singer, Dancer

    Alene has a background in Finance and French, having graduated from Western University with a Bachelor in Management and Organizational Studies. Throughout her schooling, she was actively involved in the theatre community, both directing and acting in a number of productions. She has studied film with Michael Caruana at Bongo Productions, Improv at Second City, and voice with various teachers, both in Toronto and New York. In 2015, she was privileged to work with Stratford Festival and Shaw Festival veterans as an emerging artist in Theatre20’s Conservatory Program, followed by a summer at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York City.

    Chantal Forde

    Playwright, Director Performer, Educator

    Chantal is a graduate of the Randolph College for Performing Arts. Chantal’s latest works include GREY, Perceptions of Love in the Pursuit of Happiness, and a variety of short plays and musicals. She recently directed And Then.. She Did! an original TYA musical by Cat Bernardi. Chantal and her husband, Tim Cadeny, are the writing team behind the Oakville Holiday Pantomime, for which she also directs and choreographs. She is on the faculty at Sheridan College, works at Centre Stage Theatre School and is a workshop instructor at Shadowpath. Chantal was awarded as Shadowpath’s Artist of the Year in 2015.

    Mandy Roveda

    Director, Performer, Producer

    Mandy graduated from the York University Acting Conservatory and acted on many Ontario stages before moving to Asia. There she co-founded “Taipei Players”, Taipei’s only English acting troupe, and “Little Friends”, an English Theatre Group for children.

    In 2017 Mandy co-directed/acted in the Three Five Production of Grey, at the Toronto Fringe, which was NOW Magazine’s Best of the Fest for Best New Play and Best Ensemble, and won the My Entertainment Award for Best Ensemble. This year Mandy directed ‘Bike Face’ at the Toronto and Hamilton Fringe Festival which was chosen as Best of Fringe at both festivals. She was the recipient of Shadowpath’s ‘Artist of the Year’ in 2016 and recently participated in the Directors Lab North.

    Tea Nguyen

    Performer, Producer

    Tea is a graduate from Niagara College’s Acting for Film and Television Program and Second City’s Improv Program. Her work includes performing in New York's off-off Broadway play “No Visible Scars”, and starring as part of an ensemble cast for TV Pilot “My Spot”. She also played Empress Wu Zetian in the collaborative play “Nasty”, which went on to win Patron's Pick in the Toronto Fringe Festival and was remounted in the Feminist Fuck It Festival. Tea is also a kick ass Martial Artist, obtaining her 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. Tea also produces films for her independent film company, where she is paving a path as a female, person of visible minority in a leadership role.

    Maissa Bessada

    Writer, Director, Performer

    Maissa co-wrote and performed Power Steering 101 in the Fringe Theatre Festival in Toronto and Kingston. She also co-wrote and performed in KISSMA: The Search for Diana, a full-length motion picture that was showcased in the Toronto and Montreal Film Festivals. While living in Egypt she created workshops and produced an improv comedy show for Arab Radio and Television Network. In 2011 she wrote/performed in Pandora’s Box and How the Raven Stole the Sun for the Pandora’s Box Salon in Aurora. In 2013 she wrote/produced the sci-fi satire audio drama, The Destiny of Special Agent Ace Galaksi. In 2017 her staged audio drama Ace Galaksi: Space Dick at Large was featured in the Newmarket Festival of One Act Plays.

    Chandra Pepper


    Mani Eustis


    Laura Katherine Hayes




    Coco LaRain



    Rosanna Saracino


    Karina Milech


    Joanna Grace


    Heather Braaten


    Deanna Galati


    Becky Tanton


    Peyton LaBarr


  • Testimonials

    The Apprentices aka 'The Femme5', 2017 - 2018

    The Mill Pond Mermaid, June 2018

    Chandra Pepper

    I have spent the last 10 months with Shadowpath and Alex Karolyi, and my time there has been blessed in many ways. Through Alex’s mentorship, I have found confidence in the admin side of theatre, in the art of asking (very useful in the arts) and in my creative voice. It has been an experience I will always treasure and never forget. Being a self-employed theatre professional I will admit there were challenges in working my other paying commitments around Shadowpath commitments, so I had to be very conscious of time management skills and procrastination. Dealing with a room full of highly creative, passionate artists can be challenging but also wonderful at the same time. It enabled my communication skills to be broadened and honed, while also learning how others communicate and adapting to them. Travel was also something else to consider as York Region is large and Shadowpath reaches every corner, but I discovered lovely new spaces and places that I can use in my career in the future. Truly this apprenticeship has given me so much, that any challenge was simply an opportunity for growth. If this were an easy and unchallenging year I do not think I would have treasured it as much nor appreciated all that I, and the other Femme5, accomplished. Now we can rule the world!

    Lovemobile Feb 2018

    Rosanna Saracino

    Shadowpath gave me a place where I could work in a female-centric environment which is empowering, supportive, positive, and allowed me to falter, question, face fears, and have room to learn and grow. As a team, the Femme5 apprenticeship improved our communication skills and we were able to embrace who we are and hope to become as people, as artists, but also as entrepreneurs and business leaders in the arts.

    Within the Femme5, we built a supportive network, but also shared the experience of extending our professional goals, boundaries, and connections. We shared our histories and insight, and this allowed us to attune our goals, sharpen our creative vision, and hone the skills needed to bring ideas to fruition. Further still, the representation in the group included emerging and mid-career artists, which allowed us to share in the keen insights which marked our unique career paths.

    The ratios of women in power positions in the professional theatre community is notable. Women are rarely hired to these positions, and as a result, rarely provided with the skills needed to qualify for these jobs. Shadowpath stands powerfully behind women of all ages and backgrounds, and provides practical tools to take on these roles in our industry. From grant writing to producing, business plans to strategic partnerships, the Femme5 have acquired the foundation needed to make the dynamic change so urgently required in our industry.

    Richmond Hill Cultural Summit March 2018

    Coco LaRain

    From our first auditions to our fringe this year the Shadowpath apprenticeship has had a big impact on me and I’m sure the rest of the Femme 5. Our first meeting was filled with excitement as we discovered who had be chosen out of the long list of amazing candidates. We kicked off with a Halloween night filled with ghost stories, continued with our dinners with Canada and the endearing conversation cafés with our friends at Hesperus Village, all prime examples of the beautiful diversity Shadowpath brings to our community and to us as artists. Working with six women was an honour and the wealth of experience and expertise proved to be an amazing combination of intellect, style, grace and humour. The fresh millennial perspective mixed with the seasoned ones ensured our all-female powered productions were well rounded. Each one of the Femme5 apprentices brought her unique flair to every performance. From learning lines to writing plays in cars and cafés we showed up, working box office, handling the marketing and writing grants. This jam packed 10 month journey allowed all of us in some way to climb out of our comfort zone as we showed up in mill ponds as mermaids, mother-daughter duos and waitresses. We wrote and directed Plays In Cafés; The Musical Edition, as our final Femme5 endeavor, working together as six strong, empowered women who have a voice that needs to be heard and this was thanks to our fearless leader, Alex Karolyi. I am truly grateful, to say the least, and congratulate the new Femme5’s who will also be blessed to share in our success.

    Happy Haunted Town Oct 2017

    Laura Katherine Hayes

    The Femme5 Apprenticeship is not like any other apprenticeship for the arts. You will gain experience in every aspect of the arts, both from the administration side, and the artistic side. You get the chance to wear many hats. Every project allows you to try something new!

    If you are an artist who is looking to learn more about the administrative side, this is for you.

    If you are looking to learn hands-on about grant writing, sponsorships, and networking, this is for you.

    If you are looking to get more into the arts, and take the reigns in directing, acting, or writing, this is also for you!

    This is an empowering apprenticeship that welcomes women of all sorts who want to work hard, be team players, and have a positive attitude. The community in York Region is warm and welcoming, and they are eager for more artistic content. Shadowpath provides this to the York Region community, and being a part of it is incredibly rewarding.

    Plays In Cafes August 2018

    Mani Eustis

    Being a part of Shadowpath's Femme5 has been a wonderful experience. It has connected me with five other talented strong women and has been an opportunity to meet with other like-minded women in the industry. This apprenticeship has given me confidence and helped me hone my grant writing skills. It has been a year of learning. Prior to this year, I had little to no experience working with a non-profit. During my time at Shadowpath, I learned all about the day to day aspects of running a non-profit (applying for charitable status, working with a board of directors, writing charitable tax receipts, balancing budgets etc.) and it has been eye opening. I’ve had the opportunity to try everything from graphic design, video editing, writing a grant, sponsorship outreach as well as continuing my passion for playwriting and acting. The commute could be hard at times but for the most part it was an excellent 10 months of learning, team work and producing theatre for York Region.



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    December 17, 2017
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